Safetytread: the advantages

The Safetytread product range uses 100% recycled aluminium and ‘Carborundum’: Safetytread’s unique infill for stair treads and nosings. The non-slip properties of a carborundum filled tread exceed all HSE requirements for slip potential in wet, dry and even greasy areas.

Our exceptionally high quality product range is designed to outlast lower quality, cheaper products by many years: Carborundum’s hard wearing infill will last far longer than the rubber and PVC products of our competitors as the product quite simply does not wear down.

This longevity means that Safetytread’s products are more environmentally friendly than our competitor’s rubber and PVC products. Not only does the customer save on the cost of replacement treads and nosings, there are fewer labour, travel and time costs spent fitting replacements. In addition, unlike rubber and PVC products, Carborundum will not have to be extruded every time an order is required.

By installing Safetytread products you are proving to not only visiting people and staff that you care and take their safety seriously, but you are also making a statement to everyone that you will not cut corners on quality and wish to make your building an attractive and safe environment.

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