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Environmental Responsibility

We work to ensure we meet all our own environmental responsibilities whilst working closely with our customers to help them achieve theirs.


SafetyTread is committed to providing the best performing, most sustainable stair nosings and inserts to answer our customers’ needs. SafetyTread solutions are a sustainable choice because they practically last forever and maximise recycled materials.

We use recycled aluminum

All SafetyTread, stair nosings and inserts and produced in the UK using recycled aluminium. This minimises our impact on the environment and contributes to a more circular economy.

Our products last for the long term

With our innovative anti-slip technology you know they will last the test of time. 


We see waste as the opportunity

We see waste as the key opportunity for improvement. In our effort to support the vision of a circular economy for plastics, we focus our efforts on three areas of waste management.

Waste not, want not

We are committed to increasing our use of recycled materials. We use recylced aluminium for our stair nosing and inserts.

Customer assistance

Where possible, we facilitate improved recycling by our customers and advise them about more sustainable alternatives; tougher and stronger materials being the most obvious opportunity at present.

Material development

SafetyTread is committed to providing the best performing, most sustainable products to answer our customers’ needs. We continually research and assess alternative materials to ensure our engineered solutions offer the best performance possible using the most suitable materials.

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