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SafetyTread is the UK supplier of anti-slip nosings and treads to the Ministry of Defence (MOD). As a preferred designer and manufacturer of stair safety solutions to the MOD, SaftyTread products are built into British surface ships and submarines. 

Our partnership with the MOD involves working closely with BAE Systems and Babcock International. Together, our safety products undergo extensive research and rigorous testing. All SafetyTread materials are approved and certified by the MOD for all classes of ships and submarines, where ladder treads and mats are needed to meet stringent fire safety standards.

Everything is tested, coded and approved to NAG standards. Our ant-slip products meet the following safety regulations:

o BS 47667
o BS 47-6
o BS 47-7
o ISO 5659-2
o ISO 19702


Part Number – NSN Code. Click on highlighted link to show drawings.

2090-99-352-6386 – E340R683    EB340R
2090-99-585-9636 – E340R607    EB340R
2090-99-508-3527 – E340B683    EB340B
2090-99-400-3845 – E340B607    EB340B
2090-99-959-4102 – MATR762      MATR
2090-99-285-4458 – MATR610      MATR
2090-99-854-4848 – MATB762      MATB
2090-99-241-9430 – MATB610      MATB
2090-99-156-2156 – S236R3048    S236R
2090-99-917-5512 – S236B3048    S236B
2090-99-994-6480 – S295R720     S295R
2090-99-345-8015 – S295B720      S295B

2090-99-217-3917 – S295B700S  295-2020-drilled/

2090-99-969-4059 – S295R700S 295-2020-drilled/

2090-99-396-3409 – E340R683S  EB340RS
2090-99-508-3543 – E340R607S  EB340RS
2090-99-882-9427 – E340B683S  EB340BS
2090-99-845-4624 – E340B607S  EB340BS

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