Glo Tread

Stair nosings designed with safety in mind

GLO TREAD allows your interior/exterior stair nosing or insert strip / disc, to illuminate for over 12 hours after being exposed to a light source for only 10 minutes and requires NO ELECTRICITY!

The ‘GLO TREAD’ product is a highly luminous material that also offers exceptional slip resistance properties. It can be used in any of our aluminium profiles and can be combined with Carborundum colours from our standard colour range.

What is the Life Span of Glo Tread?

Like our other profiles, the Glo Tread range is designed to be long lasting and should function in a resin-epoxy matrix for 15+ years.

Outstanding Luminosity

Exposure to 40 seconds of direct sunlight produces an afterglow of over 12 hrs. Exposure to daylight for 10 min. produces an afterglow of over 12 hrs. Exposure to artificial light such as Halogen, Fluorescent etc. for approx. 10-30 minutes produces an afterglow of over 12 hrs.

glo tread dark glo tread light

Colour Choices

Can be used in combination with any of the Carborundum colours from the standard colour range


Can be used in any of the aluminium profiles throughout our range

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