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With many years of manufacturing experience behind us, our products must have been installed in just about every environment imaginable.

Our safety nosings, treads and inserts have provided improved pedestrian safety in areas ranging from light to heavy foot traffic in the following areas:

  • Food factories, specifically in wet and greasy areas where safety and hygiene are paramount
  • Off-shore platforms, due to the long lasting nature of the materials and the non-slip properties in wet and greasy conditions.
  • Stadiums, in both very high and medium footfall areas, along with our branding service for nosings and inserts to ensure that not only the marketing departments but also the health and safety officers are confident that all requirements have been met at the highest level
  • Railway stations, schools, museums, stadiums, theatres, shopping centres, shops, airport terminals, aircraft stairs (both internal and external) all of which wanted to ensure the safety of their customers and staff by installing the ultimate in safety products for stairs and landing areas.


With all of this and the extensive installations made on various other internal and external stair types, it is no wonder that the Safetytread range has, and still is to this day, proving to be extremely popular for use in areas where the safety of staff and customers is of the highest priority.