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We greatly appreciate it when our customers share their projects, experiences, and opinions about our products, whether they were installed in residential, office, or commercial properties.

Below, you will find photos from some of our customers’ recent projects featuring SafetyTread products.


A104 Stair insert, Cardiff Lane, Dublin

It is fascinating to see how SafetyTread A104 stair inserts were installed differently in this project, with the inserts placed on the edge of the steps. While stair nosings are typically recommended for edge installation, this project demonstrates that inserts can also create an appealing look.

For improved visibility in dim or dark conditions, consider our range of treads with outstanding luminosity, known as Glo Tread. These treads provide both safety and aesthetics, ensuring that your stairs are well-lit and slip-resistant.

Remember to follow proper installation guidelines to achieve the best results.

Project: Cardiff Lane – Urbancrete, Ireland

A104 Stair insert, Diamond Park & Airlie Park, Dublin

Our customer installed SafetyTread A104 stair inserts in these projects, which are not only highly slip-resistant but also provide an aesthetic enhancement for park and building stairs.

Projects - Urbancrete, Diamond Park Dublin


Diamond Park – Urbancrete, Ireland

Airlie Park – Urbancrete, Ireland

Bespoke A33 stair nosing, The Factory Project, Manchaster 

Our client needed custom stair nosings for their project in Manchester.

We are open to special requests. If you require something not available in our current selection, please feel free to contact us.

Project: The Factory – Active Flooring Solutions

i102 stair nosing in a London home 

Stair nosings are essential for safety and aesthetics, especially when stair inserts are not an option. Our customer in London faced a similar situation during their hall refurbishment. They needed three stair nosings, and the i102 profile with light grey filling proved to be the ideal solution.

This profile not only enhances safety but also adds a touch of elegance to the stairs.

If you would like more details about this specific profile, you can explore it further using the link below.


A104 Stair insert, Grangegorman, Dublin

Stair inserts have gained popularity in newly designed buildings; they are not only slip-resistant but also add a contemporary aesthetic to the stairs of office buildings and business centres.

Discover our range of stair inserts, and should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Project: Grangegorman – Urbancrete, Ireland